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Live click-to-talk for Online Member Sites

Add a live click-to-talk button on your members site and see your profits explode. With this value-added application, you will step ahead of your competition while increasing the life and revenue per member. Telcan will provide you will all necessary implementation tools to seamlessly add this profitable functionality to your membership or dating site. At the same time, you will have access to a complete web-based back office to manage your client accounts, create your own pricing tables and run usage reports in real time.

How It Works

A Member will have a “Call” button enabled in his/her profile that will allow him/her to talk live over the phone with other members without having to exchange phone numbers.

Here are the steps of how it works.

1. Your member will go into the Preferences tab and update the phone number to
    receive calls, schedule and any other parameters.

2. The interested member sends a request for call to the other member. If other
    member accepts, the system will initiate a phone to phone call session between
    both parties.

3. The system will call the initiating party at the phone number saved in the
    preferences with a greeting message and prompt for a PIN code.

4. The system will then connect both parties and deduct the units from the credit.

5. Each member can view all call details, payment history and add credits.
    Telcan will provide you with the interface to allow this integration.


Web Integration APIs

API stands for application program interface. It is IT industry standard term used for computers applications that provide live connection to products and services of a company to outside world using a special protocol.

Telcan API provides live access to products and services of Telcan to third parties to produce different visual interfaces. Through an API a reseller can create an account manager for his clients on his remote site on any platform that can provide access to internet using secure HTTP protocol. The following APIs will be provided to allow the integration:

1. TriggerCall. This will allow the initiation of a callback session.

2. GetCDR. Retrieve and present call records for a specific account.

3. AccountActivation. Create a new member profile and setup a PIN account for use.

4. AddBalance. Add corresponding funds to a specific PIN.

5. PaymentGeteway. Setup the interaction with your credit card processor for real
    time authorizations and charges. We use Cybersource as the 3rd party integrator.

6. UpdateLineParameters. Updates member preferences, call schedule, line
    parameters, callback telephone number, roll-over numbers, etc.


Main Features and Benefits

Increase revenue
New revenue source that substantially increases revenues per member. Purchase wholesale rates from Telcan and setup your own rate tables and billing parameters.
Completely Private
Parties will never know each other’s phone numbers
Increase Membership Life
Extends life of the accounts by providing an additional step of communication before exchanging phone numbers and canceling service.
Step ahead of Competition
Value-added service that is easy and fun to use by members
Worldwide Use
Works from anywhere to anywhere in the world. Works with any phone systems: cellular, office systems and live attendants.
No Capital Investment
Hosted service, no need to purchase any hardware or software.
Great Control
Flexible control features such as schedule call acceptance, block numbers, Roll-over numbers, works with office extensions and live attendants.
Extended Service
Members can use the “Call” icon in email signatures and other online forums as a private communication tool.
Total Control
We provide an end-to-end turnkey solution for provisioning, implementation and reporting, all in real time over the Internet.
An Experienced Provider
We bring 8 years of experience in services and hosted solutions for the telecom industry around the world. An experienced staff of account managers and technical support professional will ensure your success.

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