Our Business Phone System is an amazingly sophisticated yet easy to use call management system that rivals even the most expensive pbx systems on the market today for as little as $10 per month. By combining the internet and VOIP technology our firm delivers highly sophisticated features to meet your company's phone needs.

Your own personal virtual receptionist will answer and route all your calls as you require. Set up unlimited extensions and independently control where every call is received. Calls can be forwarded to any land phone, cellular or voip number. Inbound calls are greeted professionally and placed on hold while you are contacted. Our follow me features enable you to list a series of numbers that the virtual receptionist will call to track you down and ensure that your clients can reach you while keeping your personal numbers anonymous. Our system will also indicate on your call display the business number so you know that it is a business call before you answer it. If you are not able to answer the call, it can be forwarded to a voice mail. All of your voicemails are emailed to you.
Note: The Phone system can be customized to fit your business needs. Most popular is illustrated above and other popular customizations are:
Tollfree: Simply forward calls from the tollfree number to another number either a land line or mobile phone
Tollfree with call Hunt: Forward calls to the tollfree number to multiple numbers. The phone will ring to your business phone then your mobile phone and then your home phone. If you don't answer the call, it will go to voicemail and voicemail is going to be emailed to you.