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Once you receive access to our web-based platform, you can start provisioning your own private-label global phone card products with a few clicks of the mouse. You can establish your own rates decks, fees, denominations, prompts and languages. Here are some of the options offered in our global PIN product. We provide multiple access options on the same PIN, ranging from callback, international toll free and voip.

Callback Access
We offer a variety of callback trigger methods on the same prepaid PIN. This unique technology give you a complete flexibility to set up calling card programs in different types of markets

DID callback
Each client is assigned a unique DID access number located in the US or Canada. Each DID needs to have a callback number pre-programmed in order for the user to start making calls. In order to offer DID callback, you need to purchase blocks of DID number from Telcan and program them individually for your users.

Caller ID callback
With the caller ID callback method, there is no need to program a callback number, therefore users can purchase a prepaid card and start making calls. All users call the same access number, which can be located locally or internationally. Our system receives the caller ID from the calling party and calls back immediately to the number called from.

Here is how it works:
1. Dial the Callback Access Number*
2. Hang up when you hear the beep sound or ring
3. You will receive an immediate callback
4. Enter your PIN
5. Enter your destination number

GSM Caller ID Trigger Box (CIDT) - For local callback access numbers
This solution enables you to easily setup local caller ID callback trigger numbers in any markets where GSM mobile service is available.
Here are the main advantages of this application

- allows you to provide phone card caller ID callback service to subscribers with no
international access on their mobile phones;

- the caller ID from your clients will not get blocked or distorted as it happens when
calling international access numbers;

- the access number or DID will not get blocked as is a local number that can be
easily setup or replaced by purchasing a prepaid SIM card.

SMS callback
This method is used by mobile users that wish to initiate callback sessions by sending an SMS message to our servers. Again, our system will receive the caller ID, call back the user and at the same time connect to the destination number.
Here is how it works:

1. Send a text message to your SMS Access Number
2.Use the following format: PIN+Destination Number*.
*Example: 12345612345 + 0114412345678
3. You will receive a callback and immediately connect to your Destination

Web callback
To place calls using web callback, your clients will go to a web trigger page online, enter their PIN, callback number and destination number. They can also specify the callback "delay". They will then press the Call button and the system will call the user and connect to the destination number.

International Toll Free Access (ITFS)
You will have access to low cost toll free access from 85 Counties. All toll free numbers will pass the ANI to enable PINless dialing. This access method is particularly beneficial for tourists and travelers as it substantially increases convenience and savings when calling from payphones and hotels.

VoIP Access
Telcan offers the following VoIP applications on its calling card PINs:

- calling card VoIP inbound access
- device-to-phone calling service
- PC-to-phone calling serviceValue-Added PIN Features

PINless Dialing
Your clients can store multiple telephone numbers in one PIN so our system will authenticate caller based on ANI.

Custom Voice Prompts
Save your own greeting messages to increase branding. Record promotional messages and take advantage of the promotional card business.

Multiple Recharge Options
Setup convenient methods of recharging accounts. Your clients can add funds online by loging in to their account or through an IVR.


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