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Vanity Search

You can enter any combination of letters, numbers or wildcards (represented by the symbol). For example if you own a taxi company, then you may search for 8**-**1-TAXI. The result from search could be 1-800-561-8294.

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Please Note:
1. Once the application process is complete, and your account is activated- it will take 4 to 7 business days to process a Vanity Number order.

2. The number is not guaranteed to be yours. You must wait until you get the confirmation email, that the number is yours before you should print or advertise the number.

3. Upon confirmation of the Vanity number being available, your account is subject to a one time charge of $14.99

Please Note: It is possible that the number(s) you found may have already been reserved by another customer, even though it currently shows up as available. The search is done on a central database that contains all the available toll-free numbers in Canada and US.
It might take more than a minute to retrieve results from the system.

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