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Customer Care Center - Billing Options

Payment Options
There are several methods to pay for your Toll Free Numbers. You can send Certified Checks, Western Union Quickpay, Wire Transfers, or pay with a Credit Card.

1) PayPal (Absolutely easy and FREE for senders

NOTE: TelCan will only accept Paypal payments
with a confirmed shipping address.

Click on the link below, or copy and paste it into your internet browser to be connected to the PayPal site. You can send funds to us by 
indicating our receiving address of 

To ensure that we are fully aware of your transferred funds, we ask that you please send us a special request from your online account 
to inform us of your PayPal transfer and reference your account number.

2) Certified Cheque/Money Order/Bank Draft

Please make the cheque payable to Telcan Inc and send it by mail to the following address

Billing Department 
Telcan-TelCan Inc. 
2800 Skymark Ave, Suite 402
Mississauga ON,
L4W 5A6 Canada

Please make your payments in U.S. Dollars. We ask that you please also reference your account number.

3) Wire Transfers (US $10.00 additional surcharge)

Please contact us for further Information at (Toll Free USA & Canada) 1-888-683-5226

4) Western Union Quickpay 

If you are sending a Western Union, you must use the Western Union - Blue Form Quickpay). our company code for the Blue Form is ASPTELESOFT, NY. 

We ask that you please notify customer service 
and also reference your account number on the 
Quickpay form. 

5) Online Bank Account Transfer (CDN Banks Only) 

Log into your bank account online and find where you can pay your bills. 

Add a new payee. We are listed as 'Telcan' Please note that it may take up to one business day for us to receive the funds. 

6)  Credit Card ( Visa, Master Card , American Express).
We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express. Please contact customer service if you would like to pay by credit card.

We ask that you please notify customer service and also reference your account number when sending us the funds. 

Telcan Support
TEL: 1-647 - 258 - 5000
US & CANADA TOLL FREE : 1-888-683-5226
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, Eastern Standard Time.
Fax: 1-905-804-9888

2800 Skymark Ave, Suite 402
Mississauga ON,
L4W 5A6 Canada

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