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International Business

TelCan toll-free is ideal for US-based companies that need a presence in the US.
Your clients could call your company toll-free. A person from your company could then answer the call.
Your North American clients could receive a superior service, as they would be speaking to a person who is more knowledgeable in your business.

Real-time Activation.
Sign-up now and get your toll-free number instantly. Start enjoying the benefits within minutes.

Change ring-to number in real-time.
TelCan allows you to route your toll-free number instantly to any location or number. Now you can answer calls on your cell phone, home phone or from a phone in another country.

Real Time Downloadable Call Detail. Get the phone number of everyone who calls you through the toll-free number. Better yet, download these sales leads into contact manager software, such as Outlook and Act.

Ring-To Numbers Anywhere in the World. International companies from countries outside of the US can have a presence in the US, but they can also answer calls from their home country.

Online Account Management. TelCan gives you full access to your account. Manage your account at your own convenience more efficiently.

Transfer your existing Toll Free Number.
Move your existing toll-free number to TelCan and enjoy great benefits and unsurpassed savings. Click here to complete the RESPORG transfer form

Same great rates every day, Anywhere in US/Canada
6.5 cents anytime, anywhere in the US. One simple rate. You don't have to worry about inter-state calls or intra-state calls.

Fair, accurate billing

Our billing is so accurate that we post call details on the Internet in real time. So you can see the call details, such as much each call lasted and cost.

Get a number your clients would remember
You can search all the toll-free numbers that are available in North America to find a number that best suits your business. There is no extra charge for this. Click here to search

Keep your current toll-free number
Take advantage of TelCan’s toll-free service without changing the number. Just transfer the number to us. It is very easy. Click here to transfer

No long-term commitments/Cancel anytime
We will earn your business everyday by providing superior service. You can cancel the service without any penalty if you’re not satisfied.

Quality and reliable service of Qwest communication
TelCan’s toll-free service, which relies on Qwest as the underlying carrier for quality and reliability, brings more features. These flexible features ensure that your clients receive more reliable and superior service.

Quality customer service
Our customer service representatives will return your call within minutes of your having phoned us. If your request is submitted by email, we guarantee an answer within one business day.

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