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hosted pbx

Save over 60% on business phone bill. For $19.50 you get unlimited incoming and outgoing call. Our hosted Pbx with all the features are included in it. So you save on up front cost as well as the installation cost. Features include auto attendant, extensions, music on hold, Internet Fax. No Contracts. Try it Free for 30-Days.

Hosted pbx services

Hosted pbx service

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Telcan provides hosted pbx service packed with over 40 Features including unlimited incoming and outgoing domestica calls. The service also comes with separate fax number. You can buy your own device or buy it from us. We have several different devices from different vendors. All of our phones come pre-configured, so you can just plug it in and start using. Your Hosted PBX don't need any hardware or software installation. You don't need a technician to manage it. You can manage your Hosted PBX easily through a private website. If you need help, we are just one phone call away. You can try our service free for 30-days. There are no contracts so you can cancel it at any time. Some of our devices are HD enabled so the quality is better than your regular land line. Some of the features of our Hosted PBX is customized greeting. You can easily have different greetings based on the time or day a person calls your business. You can play a greeting during regular business hours, another greeting during after hours and another during holidays. It creates a professional image and inform clients about your business. Our Hosted PBX includes an auto attendant with extensions. So when a caller calls your number they will hear a customized greeting and they will be opted to enter an extension or an option. The option can be Press 1 For Sales, Press 2 for Support or Press 0 to reach an operator. When they press the option, music on hold would play and the call will be transferred. You can control how a call get routed. You can have it routed to your Voip phone and if you are not there, then you can get the call to be forwarded to your mobile phone. This way you won't miss a single call. If you are unable to answer the call, then it is routed to your personalized voicemail. Our Hosted PBX comes with a full featured voicemail for all of our extensions. YOu can have customized greeting for each of the voicemails. You will be notified through email when a voicemail is left. The voicemail will be emailed to you. You can access it through phone as well as through online.

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