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auto attendant

Auto attendant phone

Toll free number is always considered best and satisfies the requirements of your customers. Virtual pbx includes auto attendant system and phone System. An auto attendant phone system provides the perfect interface for your callers. In auto attendant system there is no need to appoint any receptionist or call representatives and also handles your caller, presenting a menu before the containing various options to connect the right people.

Advanced features of auto attendant system

Benefits of auto attendant system

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You may know that features of any service are very important. There are many companies like which provides you with many features for the toll-free numbers. mainly deals with the US clients and also provides toll free number for international clients. Auto attendant is one of the important features of virtual pbx. Auto attendant with interactive voice response processes inbound phone calls plays recorded messages including the information which is extracted from the databases and through web. By which it transfer the caller to an outside extension or in-house service agents. Auto attendant enhances your current robust features of predictive dialing and digital call recording. The main advanced features of auto attendant system are as follows: It connects caller to outside party, it plays music on hold, call outside line and prompt for input, it has digital and analog phone support and it will interactive voice response phone key input. Auto attendant systems are built in phone system or self contained programs running on a separate system. Toll free number for business helps you for a long way to improve your all business image. Telcan is one of the best companies which mainly have business dealing with US clients and also provides toll free number for international clients. In fact 800 number for business is one more feature by which you can use it according to your requirement. There are many advantages of auto attendant like it can reduce customer service costs and enhances your organization. Auto attendant provides complete toll free number which you suggest. It extends the hours of operation. It has expanding calling capacity which is more fast and lower the cost. It provides multi-lingual support. And also there is speed response time on callers. Auto attendant has presentation on predictive dialing and web integration. Auto attendant system has some of the best toll free number to improve your business.

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There are many standard options in auto attendant system like dial-by-extension, dial- by-name, dial-by directory. So in auto attendant phone system you can own music on hold which plays a wide range of connections. In addition, you can record the program of auto attendant to give traffic directions and a brief profile about your company and your products. Auto attendant phone system can be programmed to play different greeting messages according to the day and time. However, the message can be varied for weekends and holidays. The main important feature of auto attendant phone system is call forwarding, by which you can route calls to alter numbers or remote extensions. The best option of auto attendant phone system is you can use your cell phone as a remote extension.

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