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Virtual Pbx

Sound professional with a Virtual PBX. You can have a customize greeting message in the auto attendant. When your Toll Free Numbers are called, the main greeting will play. The customers are prompted to enter an extension. When they enter an extension, the call can be transferred up to 5 phone numbers.

Key Features

» Toll Free Numbers can have a professional customize main greeting
» Your 1 800 free numbers can have Multiple extensions so your client can press 1 for sales and press an extension 257 to reach you .
» Best toll free numbers with over 50 features including auto attendant at the lowest price
» Provide Canadian Toll free numbers for your Canadian clients
» Toll Free numbers forwarding to up to 5 phone numbers including cell phone. Toll free number for cell phone is ideal for entrepreneurs on the go
» All extensions on our Virtual Pbx comes with it's own voice mail. The voice mails are emailed as well as archived on line. The voice mails can be accessed through phone as well
» 800 numbers for business can be a vanity number such as 1800FLOWER. You can search for all the available customized number.


The pricing for the Virtual PBX System in the first month is free. The charges are as follows:

» Monthly Charge: $9.95/ month. It includes 300 minutes,all the features and a toll free number.
» Please click on Rates and pricing on the left menu to get more information

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