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Get a 1800 number

Get a 1800 number with customized services

The services provided by come with many features and they can modify their phone services according to your business needs and budget. We also offer amazing packages at affordable rates and you can manage to pay for it. With the help of Telcan get a 1800 number with tailored services for your business. When you get a 1800 number, you can enjoy many benefits and grow your business with ease.

Why a business needs to get a 1800 number?

Get a 1800 number with different features

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Every business needs something to grow. 1800 toll free number for business is perfect way to grow up and get in touch with your clients at any time. Domestically expanded business is good but if you want to grow it more, you need to broaden it internationally in order to gain more success. With the help of toll free numbers, you will be able to reach your foreign customers and clients at any time. If your business does not have toll free line, your clients may not call you time to time because of the high charge. Get a 1800 number with the help of and stay in touch with your clients whenever you want. Telcan provides the best toll free numbers and you can choose it as per your need. They provide the 1800 numbers with over 40 amazing features that can be very helpful in expanding your business. The provides you finer toll free numbers with different features. International call forwarding and multi-line ringing are some of the best features provided. When you get a 1800 number for your business, you can activate these features and even cancel it without any extra cost. Contacting is the best way to get a 1800 number and use it for your business. is well known for the types of features they provide when you get a 1800 number. You can also avail the virtual phone number and advertise them in order to stay connected with your clients from any corner of globe. Best toll free numbers give a clear-cut guarantee of professionalism. also provides some advanced features with these 1800 numbers that help you increase your business quickly. People always want to work with a reliable and experienced business and you add an extra edge with the help of toll free 1800 numbers.

Why Telcan!

Over 12 years of service
Over 100,000 clients
Rated "A" by Better Business Bureau
Reviewed by PC-WORLD Magazine

Since there is no contract, you can cancel the service at anytime if you are not happy with their services. also offer 30 days free trial pack that you can try it without any risk. Once you get a 1800 number for your business, you can start advertising it in order to get in touch with your clients. Get a 1800 number from and manage all your business accounts with call forwarding service or other. You can get a 1800 number activated in very short period of time and spread your business all over world. Trust and get a 1800 number to make it easy for your customers to call you.

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