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- Available in all countries
- Starting at 9 ¢ with 6 second increments

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Discount international calls from anywhere to anywhere in the world. Online billing, real-time call details and account management. Web-based address book with click-to-call feature. Connect and manage calls from your desktop, PDA or WAP.


- Custom number online search tool.
- 6.5 ¢ anywhere in US and Canada.
- 6 second billing with 1 minute minimum
- $2 monthly cost per number

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Call centers take advantage of intelligent routing rules and real time call details for campaign management.

Small business and home offices can enjoy one number contact with multiple ring-to numbers and virtual office features with voice mail.

International business gain US presence with toll free numbers that ring anywhere in the world

- Instant setup
- Hosted application
- Worldwide service

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Provide “live callback” and “live help” buttons that instantly connect your online visitors with your call center agents. Get a button today and increase online sales, enhance customer experience and step ahead of your competition. Capture visitor's information in real time for better client interaction and more sales.

Ideal for online bookings, order confirmations and live online collaboration.


- No connection fees, no maintenance fees
- Excellent international rates
- International access available

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Purchase a prepaid card instantly online and enjoy unsurpassed convenience and savings. Card can be immediately recharged online or through phone. International travel cards also available from over 40 countries.

- 5.5 ¢ anywhere in US
- Great international rates

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Great saving in long distance charges for Canadian and US customers. No need to change your current long distance provider, by-pass by dialing a toll free number before your actual call. Same account can be used as a calling card when traveling.

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