TelCan's callback service is a viable alternative to the inflexible and unresponsive monopolies. By "re-originating" calls to our telecom switch, TelCan is able to bill calls at rates the monopolies cannot even come close to matching…much less beating. This service is available worldwide, all you need is a telephone with direct international access and capable of generating tones.

How It Works

  1. Dial the unique access number (DID) we assign to you, wait one ring and hang up.
  2. Upon receiving the callback, you can then proceed to make your call as follows:

  · For calls outside North America and the Caribbean, you need to dial

         011 +  Country Code + City Code + Number. You may press (#)          after dialing your number to speed up your call processing;

     · For calls to North America and the Caribbean, you must dial
         1 + Area Code + Number. You may press (#) after dialing your          number to speed up your call processing;

To speed-dial, you must dial the two digit speed dial number, enter 99 to redial the previous number, press (**) to make another call, or press (##) to exit the system.

Features and Benefits

- Discounted long distance rates from any location in the world.
- No setup fee, only a $4 monthly fee that is waived
- Access to North American toll-free numbers from overseas.

Access our client eCare service, an online management service that will allow you to:

- View your current invoice
- Change your billing profile
- Add new services instantly
- Change your registered number
- Place calls directly from your desktop with a click of a button
- Download call details into any application of your choice. Perfect for    rebilling   or producing expense reports
- Place calls conveniently from your desktop with a click of a button.

Sign Up

To sign up for our services, just submit the completed application using our Secure Server (SSL) or fax it to 1-905-804-9888. In just a few hours we will provide you with a convenient service that will save you big when calling from anywhere to anywhere.


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