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The company
Telcan is a Canadian technology company based in Mississauga, Ontario. The company is a wholy owned subsidiary of Telcan Inc. (, which was founded in 1997 by three engineering students from the University of Waterloo, and the same founders presently own and manage Telcan. The organization has developed its own proprietary platform that enables market ready telephony applications.

Currently, the company has over 50,000 clients, 450 agents and 180 service provider clients. It runs over 85 million minutes per month through its network and operates facilities in Toronto. Backed by 24/7 live contact, the support team delivers the highest Service Level Agreement standards in the industry.

Telcan Business Units

Telcan runs two business units: the Retail Services Unit and the Platform Outsourcing Solutions Unit. The Retail Unit provides value-added voice services to businesses and consumers. Business services include its signature Virtual PBX with its business-class features. Other business services include enhanced toll free service, virtual international phone numbers, prepaid long distance and click-to-talk service. 

Consumer services include unlimited long distance, calling cards and pc2phone service. All Telcan services include a user friendly online portal with automated order processing. Telcan’s Retail Unit has also developed an online affiliate program with instant signup and reoccurring commissions for life.

The Platform Outsourcing Unit offers end-to-end telecom outsourcing solutions for entrepreneurs around the world. Telcan’s web-based platform contains proprietary software 10 years in the making. Telcan offers a wholesale model, where clients concentrate on pricing, distributing and selling their own private label products and services; and leave all the technical and provisioning aspects to us. Telcan’s on-demand model makes it a necessity to help clients grown their volume and succeed in minimum time.




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