TelCan’s dial-around represents great saving in long distance charges for Canadian and US customers. With this service there is no need to change your current long distance provider.

How It works

    1. Dial a toll free number provided by TelCan and wait for a dial tone.
    2. Dial your destination phone number followed by #.

      - for calls within Canada and US, dial 1 + area code + number;
      - for international calls dial country code + number;

    You can register your home, office or cellular numbers for this service. TelCan will also provide you with a FREE calling card so you can call from any location and enjoy savings.

    Features and Benefits

    - 5.5 cents per minute anywhere in the US, any time, any day. Great international rates.
    - No setup fee, only a $4 monthly fee that is waived if billing is over $20.
    - Instant activation. Start enjoying savings in just a few hours after placing your service order.
    - FREE calling card to use when travelling.

    Access our client eCare system, an online management service that will allow you to:
    - View your current invoice
    - Change your billing profile
    - Add new services instantly
    - Change your registered number
    - Place calls directly from your desktop with a click of a button
    - Download call details into any application of your choice. Perfect for rebilling or producing expense reports
    - Place calls conveniently from your desktop with a click of a button.


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