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1 800 Free Number lets your customer call your business free of charge from anywhere in America. This increase sales and customer satisfaction. 1 800 Free Numbers are priced at $2/month for basic service. You can forward the 1 800 free number to any phone number. The 1 800 Free numbers can be upgraded to a full fledged voicemail system for $4.95. The voicemail can have a customized greeting. When someone leaves a voicemail on your 1 800 Free Numbers, they are emailed to you. The voicemail can be accessed online or by calling a phone number. This is just the basic features. Try our toll free numbers for 30 days free of charge. Try It Now

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If you want your 1 800 Free number to do more, you can enable the Virtual PBX option. This comes with over 40 features. This is priced at $9.95. This price includes 300 free minutes. The 1 800 Free number can have the option to play welcome greeting to the caller. When your client call the 1 800 Free number, it can greet them saying "You have reached Acme. Please stand by" and route them to a number or even 5 phone numbers. You can also give the option to your 1 800 Free Number caller to enter an extension. Each extension can be routed to five phone numbers. You can control how the call is routed. You can program it to ring to all five phone numbers at the same time, one after the other and to ring certain phone numbers within certain hours or days. You have full control. This way you have freedom to move around while making sure you don't miss a single call. Learn more how our 1 800 free number can help you. Telcan provides the best toll free numbers with several features. One of the main feature in our $9.95 package is unlimited extensions. Each extension comes with its own voicemail as well. Each voicemail can be forwarded to different emails. You can access voicemail left on your 1 800 Free number online as well as by calling a phone number. You can listen to the voicemail on your email simply by clicking it. You 1 800 Free Number keeps the callerid of the person who left the voicemail the time and the duration. Each calls to your 1 800 Free Numbers is recorded and kept as a log. You can use this information for sales report. You can use different 1 800 free number for different campaigns and track your sales calls from each campaigns. You can also use our patented memo-on-call on your 1 800 Free number to record information about your callers. If they call back, this memo will be played back to you. This can help in closing sales and increasing rapport with your customers.
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