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As part of our prepaid turnkey solution, we provide a wide range of VOIP solutions that allows you to deploy local access gateways to fulfill your demands for:
Broadband Phone Solution (FXS)


Prepaid (Calling) Card Origination

- Dial-In Setup (FXO)

By setting up a gateway at a location inside your market, your customers will call a local number that will send the call through IP to our switch, which will perform the authentication and billing.

This configuration can also be used for IP-PBX systems that would like to connect to the PSTN network.

Broadband Phone Solution

- Dial-tone Setup (FXS)

Your can setup gateways at the customer premise, allowing you to take advantage of discounted rates and a wide range of features. This configuration is ideal for SOHOs, personal use, branch offices and callshops.

- IP Phone Setup

Telcan’s IP phone can be used with broadband or dial up Internet access. It has an internal dialup modem that will automatically dial your access number for Internet access.

- Broadband Phone Service

The broadband phone service allows users to enjoy great savings on long distance, while providing a wide range of features impossible to get with standard phone service. Some of the features are virtual phone numbers, enhanced toll free numbers, voice mail to email, conferencing, call filtering, online call management, auto-attendant service and more.

Callshop Solution

Telcan billing platform allows you to deploy CallShop Turnkey Solution to Internet Cafés owners around the world. You can have your callshop with a small VoIP gateway 2, 4, 8 ports or more. You need only an internet connection and Telcan will provide the callshop interface that will allow you the complete operation of your callshop.

Multiple Rate Tiers
You can offer Callshop owners with wholesale rates and real time billing for their cabins. Your callshop clients can in turn setup their own rate tables for their users.

Billing Software
Our hosted real time billing software offers Callshop managers with instant invoice printing and complete usage control based on cabin or PIN #. Callshop owners can setup prices for multiple cabins.

PC-to-Phone Application

Telcan offers you the tools to deploy PC-to-Phone service on your calling card PIN. Your clients can use their phone card to place calls through the web, increasing convenience and savings.

One PIN – Multiple access
Our technology enables you to deploy a truly global card, which can be accessed from any environment, toll free, callback, SMS and PC-to-phone.

Private Label Software
You can offer your own brand of PC-to-Phone software, you can use a downloadable version or a java-based solution without need for download. The java-based is specifically useful for travelers who rent computer terminals in different locations. Your customers can purchase USB phones that would replace microphones and speakers.