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»VoIP Service

Telcan provides the complete outsourcing of voip phone service. Telcan delivers a private-label solution where you gain a 360 degree control over all aspects of the voip business, from the ecommerce retail site, to the account creation back office and daily usage reports.

»Prepaid Cards

Once you receive access to our web based platform, you can start designing your our private-label card products with just a few clicks. You can setup your own rates, fees, denominations, prompts and languages.

»International Callback

If you are interested in providing callback service to an international community of clients and agents, this is the program for you. TelCan will provide you with web management tools that will leverage the operations and self-service to your end-users and agents.

»Enhanced Toll Free Numbers

As a rebiller of toll free service, TelCan will assign you a block of pre-activated toll free numbers (TFN) to sell. You can either assign a number from a pool or use our online vanity search tool.

»Dial Around Service

TelCan Dial-Around service allows customers to dial a toll free number before entering the destination number for long distance calling. Our system will detect the user’s caller ID and identify the client without need for entering an authorization PIN.

»Click to Talk Buttons

Add live click-to-talk buttons to your member site and see your profits explode! With this value-added tool, you will step ahead of your competition while increasing the life and revenue per member.