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Once you receive access to our web-based platform, you can start designing and selling your own private-label card products with just a few clicks. You can establish your own rates, fees, denominations, prompts, and languages.

As a wholesaler, you will only pay for usage minutes once your clients start using the network. You will keep all the breakage from unused minutes due to rounding, unused or expired cards.

TelCan offers you the most complete end-to-end prepaid card application for both management and online sales of your PIN products. As a calling card provider you will notice substantial increase in convenience while reducing your “time to market”.

Phone card features

PINless dialing
Your clients can store multiple telephone numbers in one PIN so our system will authenticate caller based on ANI.

Custom voice prompts
Save your own greeting messages to increase branding. Record promotional messages and take advantage of the promotional card business.

Multiple recharge options
Setup convenient methods of recharging accounts. You can choose auto-recharge when balance goes below a pre-set amount, recharge through web site or telephone IVR.

Instant credit card charge
We will provide you with an API that will instantly send a request to authorize and charge your customer’s credit card.

International Callback
We offer different callback trigger methods on the same prepaid PIN: DID, SMS, caller ID and web trigger, allowing you market phone cards to virtually any mobile phone user in the world.

International toll free access
Low cost toll free access from US, Canada, Latin America and Europe. More countries coming soon! All of your toll free numbers will pass the ANI to enable PINless dialing.

Prepaid Card Platform Features

Distribution Levels
We provide two distribution levels through which you can better manage your calling cards.
Example: Level 1 could be for your distributors and Level 2 could be for your card brands. You can also add commission schedules to your Level 1.

Rate Management
Easily create retail rate tables that fit your markets. You can upload rates from a spreadsheet our use our rate builder tool with flexible surcharge features.

Batch Management
Add new card batches to your distribution groups with a click of a button. You can also download your PINs for printing or to add them to your shopping cart.

Billing Platform
Our newly improved billing software allows you to setup several combinations of billing and surcharge options, accommodating to your own market needs.
With our billing platform, you can view and download Call Detail Records (CDRs) in almost real time. It takes just a few seconds for a call to be posted online.
Your posted CDRs provide all the details you need: when a call was made, wholesale charges, and end-user charges.

Reporting Tools
Our flexible reports will let you access crucial real time data in a straightforward format. Here are some examples:
- Usage/profit reports on any period of your choice: daily, weekly monthly, or you can simply choose your start and end dates.
- Reports on cards being issued, cards expired, card usage, and more.
- By card group, client, agent, or distribution level.
- Standard Call Detail reports where you can specify a number of filtering parameters

If you need any other custom report to be programmed in the system, please contact your account manager.