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In addition to the standard management tools included in our wholesale program, TelCan can develop various hosted applications for your business. These solutions area aimed to increase your productivity, boost your sales and improve your customer service levels.

Retail Prepaid Phone Card Site

Develop a private label site with product description, FAQs, price calculator, card finder, shopping cart, web trigger, quick recharge, feedback/contact form and client login.

Order Processing / Account Activation

1. When new orders are placed through your web site, a client account is created simultaneously in our servers. Telcan will develop an API that will create a client account, activate a PIN and setup all parameters for the PIN (ANI, language, billing increment, auto-recharge value, etc.).
2. A request for charge will be sent to your merchant through another API (see Merchant Interaction).
3. At any time all pending orders will be shown with the results from the merchant request (if card has been charged, declined, stolen card, etc.). Similarly, the fraud check result will be displayed (see Fraud Check session). If all results are positive, you can just activate account and send a preformatted welcome email with a click of a button.

Online Client Management

1. Your clients will have access to a secure, branded site to manage their accounts.
2. Here are some of the features: add payment, view payment records, view call log, change preferences such as registered ANI numbers, languages, auto-recharge value, view news and announcements from your company.
3. Allocate IP address with SSL security.

Payment Processor Interaction

Telcan will develop an API that will interact with your online Payment Processor. The API will be used for new orders, manual recharges and auto-recharges. Client’s online Payment Processor will provide TelCan with the necessary parameters and formats for sending charge requests.

Anti-fraud System

In the order process, new clients are asked to provide cardholder’s home telephone number.
1. Clients will be provided with an order confirmation number.
2. In order to activate a new account, cardholder will call a specific toll free number provided by TelCan. An IVR will ask cardholder to provide the order confirmation number.
3. The system will grab the ANI on the inbound toll free call and look for a match between cardholder’s zip code and the caller’s Area Code / Exchange. The result will be posted in Pending Orders.
4. The system will run pending orders against a fraud database collected from 7 years business. It will look for match in IP address, email address and ANI. The result will be posted in Pending Orders.

Recharge IVR

When account goes below a certain amount, the IVR will announce the balance and ask if user wishes to recharge. User will press a key to accept and enter recharge amount. IVR will use merchant interaction module and send request to charge. If all charges pass, IVR will announce charge successful and recharge in real time.

Prepaid Agent Management Site

Your prepaid agents can login to your private label site and manage their own groups of prepaid batches online. They can activate and recharge accounts or batches, print receipts, run usage/payment reports and retrieve call details.

Affiliate Program

You can setup affiliates instantly online. Your affiliates can market your products with mirror sites. You can provide them with login access so they can track their commissions and run sales reports.

Custom Voice Prompts

You would be able to add your own custom voice prompts, including promotional messages