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Telcan's Virtual PBX is ideal for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to give a professional image to their callers. The Virtual PBX comes with a toll free number or a local number. When your caller calls the number, they are greeted with a professional greeting. The virtual pbx also comes with multiple extensions. Each extensions can be routed to five numbers at the same time or one after the other. Telcan's Virtual PBX comes with over 40 features. We also give a 30 days free Trial. Try It Now

Virtual PBX

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Give a professional image and never miss a call with our Virtual PBX. Each Virtual PBX comes with a toll free number or a local number. Your customer can call you free when they dial the toll free number and they will be greeted with a professional message. You can record the greeting to say, Thank you for calling my business, press 1 for sales... When the caller select an option, the Virtual PBX will route the call. You can program each extensions to route the call to multiple numbers. The numbers can be your cell phone, work phone and your home phone. You can move freely without worrying about missing a single call. You don't have to be stuck to your desk. Each Virtual PBX comes with professional voicemail. You can customize voicemail greeting to fit with your business. The voicemails are emailed to you. You can also access them online as well as through your phone. The Virtual PBX has many features including internet fax. Learn more how Virtual PBX can help you. You can program our Auto Attendant to have several menus and sub menus. Each menus can play a message, route calls or just hang up. The auto attendant gives you the flexibility to customize the business phone to fit your business needs. When a caller calls, the auto attendant can be programmed to route the call differently. You can program the Virtual PBX to forward a call by your key customer directly to your cell phone regardless of when the call is made. Virtual PBX can also be programmed to play different greeting based on the callerid as well as the time and day. The virtual pbx can play a greeting message on Christmas day. The pricing starts with $9.95 which includes all the features and 300 minutes. You can try Virtual PBX absolutely free for 30 Days.
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