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Universal PIN

What is Universal PIN?

The Telcan Universal PIN is a virtual calling card that allows you to make calls with a variety of calling methods, depending on the country where you are located. The same PIN can be used for toll free access, local access, PC to phone or callback. Telcan does not add fees and surcharges, and all calls can be viewed online by logging in to your account manager.

Here is a description of the different calling options, which will help you save on your long distance:

Callback is ideal when traveling to places where there is no local or toll free access numbers. There are three main options for triggering callback, web callback, SMS callback and caller ID callback.

Web callback
Click on the trigger callback box, enter PIN, number calling from and number calling to, click on call, the system will call you back and connect you to your destination number.

SMS callback
Send an SMS message to the SMS access number. In the message enter: 1 PIN DestinationNumber.

Caller ID callback
Call your caller ID access number and hang up on beep sound. Our system will call you back and prompt for your destination number.

Please note that for SMS callback and caller ID callback to work, it is essential that your caller ID gets passed to our system, otherwise the service won’t work. We cannot guarantee that your caller ID gets passed to our servers.

Toll Free and Local Access
Telcan will provide you with local and toll free access numbers from a number of countries. To make a call, dial the access number, if calling from your registered number then dial your destination number, if calling from any other number dial your PIN and then your destination number.

PC to Phone
You can make calls directly from your PC. All you need is to download and insall Telcan’s Quickdialer Softphone. It will allow you to make calls from your PC to any phone number, and use the same voice quality as your regular phone. All you need is to:

- purchase minutes on the PIN;
- enter the PIN number in your Softphone;
- dial any number in the world
- use a headset with Mic for better voice quality.

For step-by-step dialing instructions, click here. For the list of international access numbers, click here.



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