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Virtual Call System, Inc.
Montreal, PQ, Canada

Virtual Call System (VCS) is high tech company founded by a group of Venture Capitalists and former AT&T executives. Their goals were clear, VCS wanted to create an easy-to-use, feature rich, high quality business communications service that included an easy-to-use, self-explanatory customer portal for service management. Also required was delivery of a simple and flexible billing system design to support the SMB business sector. Short time to market was a key component in choosing Telcan.

VCS acquired Telcan’s platform outsourcing solution to support all it growth needs. The result was www.virtualcallsystem.com, a state of the art hosted business phone service that provides complete call management and unified communications.

Telcan quickly setup a team consisting of one account manager, one web developer and one systems engineer to oversee the setup and implementation.

Telcan delivered a branded control panel designed to deliver client setup and service management capabilities. The site has a secure, real-time provisioning system designed to register and order new services. Telcan had setup a hosted PBX solution with intelligent routing where clients can configure custom call flow from feature rich templates. The service was delivered with enhanced features such as queuing, call recording, call blasting, call hunting, enhanced voice mail, virtual fax, studio greetings and more.

Globaltech Communications, Inc.
Miami, FL, USA

Globaltech is a leading provider of prepaid long distance services in Florida. Globaltech operates with over 1,200 retailers offering quality international long distance services.

The company was looking for an efficient and cost effective solution to manage their products and easily launch new products. Since Globaltech was targeting loyal, repeat customers, they needed the highest voice quality to Latin America for the most competitive prices. At the same time, they were looking for value added solutions with their prepaid long distance operation.

Telcan developed a complete business portal (http://www.myglobaltech.com), including logo and content, where master agents, retailers and end users could purchase services and manage their accounts online.

Telcan also setup a merchant processor API and implemented a complete IVR system for credit card recharges in real time. Telcan setup a Free Trial application where uses register their phone number with a small free credit. Once the free credit is close to expire, the IVR gets enabled and allows users to top up their accounts instantly before the next call.

HiPoint, Inc.
Chicago, IL

HiPoint is a technology company that provides IT consulting, Internet services and digital phone systems to Multi-Dweling Units in the Chicago area. The company acquired the platform services from Telcan to launch their own private label residential phone service using Hipoint’s Internet connections.

Telcan delivered a complete auto-provisioning system where Hipoint will place DID orders thru Telcan’s control panel and receive the account setup within seconds. The device would be then setup at customer’s premise and get auto configured thru TFTP.

Some of the elements required by Hipoint was an easy and smooth DID porting process with instant reporting features. Hipoint also required the option of users purchasing prepaid long distance thru their control panel using a secure credit card payment option. All these options were available in Telcan’s Voip Platform.


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