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USA. "I call home through my Toll Free number provided by Telcan. Since I travel all over the state with friends and the campus is too big, no matter where I call from, always get a flat rate. My parents pay the bill, though... "
BRAZIL. "My business has created a client base in US and Canada, thanks to TelCan. Now we have a Toll Free Number that rings in our office in Sao Paulo and we can take orders from 15 states in North America."
MÉXICO. "Our gift store is located in the border with US. Last month we placed an ad with our brand new Vanity Toll Free number from TelCan. In less than 10 days we were flooded by American tourists looking for souvenirs to take back home."
COSTA RICA. "We had a huge phone bill before starting to use the callback service from TelCan. As a travel agency, our calls were to agents in US and Europe. Now our bill has been reduced by 70% and we can download the invoices almost instantly form the Internet."
LEBANON. "I started working as a wholesale reseller 8 months ago. Now I make $25,000 US in revenues from my client community. Despite the time difference, the communication with Telcan is excellent and the response to my requests is done in a timely manner."
CANADA. "My parents live in Greece. I make long distance calls every week from different locations in Canada. Using the Dial around service from Telcan, I just dial a Toll Free number and the destination number. And I don’t have to quit my current carrier."

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